How small can you make this thing anyway?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How small can you make this thing anyway?


The final swan song for Circuit City has been sung.  As we remember the store that gave us so many stories over the years, its just a little sad to see it all end.   On the TV side of the news FOX has continued its practice of bringing out great new Science Fiction shows, and then doing everything they can think of to have them fail. Also featured this week is the worlds most neato keen tooth brush EVER!


I also take a look at shrinking Album art, the players we play music on as well as the shrinking Rights of one gun owner.  You also better not be selling used Mary Kay (no thats not the actress from Full House), or hosting your blog on Googles Blogger site.  Hopefully you head my warnings, unlike people who ignore tornado sirens.  But there is good news, the movie theater can now conclusively tell where the pirate sat when he made that really crappy recording of 27 dresses…if you care, and I do ask the question Just how small can you make this thing anyway?

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